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Facilities : Laboratories

Applied Mechanics Laboratory

Lab-in-charge : Dr. Md. Afsar Ali

Location : 4th Floor, E.M.E. Building.

Description : Applied Mechanics laboratory is one of the most significant laboratory of this department.

Including sessional classes; various types of tests are available in this laboratory. PVC pipe testing and G.I. pipe testing is mostly available in this laboratory. Besides these tests, solvent cement testing, rod test, rubber pad test are also avaible in this laboratory.

Various instruments like Torsion testing machine, Instron machine, Hardness testing machine, Balancing machine, Hydraulic cutter, gyroscope etc are available here.

Torsion Testing machine is used for the torsional shear test of materials. Instron Machine is used for tensile, compressive and elongation test of materials. Hydraulic cutter is used to pressurize PVC pipe and cute the pipes.


Courses Conducted : This lab is used in -

  • ME 350: Mechanics of Machinery Sessional
  • ME 244: Mechanics of Solids Sessional

Click here to download ME 350 Lab Sheet.

Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Solid Mechanics Laboratory
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