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Bio-Medical Laboratory

Lab-in-charge : Dr. Maksud Helali

Location : Ground floor, EME Building.

Description : This is newly introduced laboratory of this department. So it is still under developing condition. The newly introduces instruments in this laboratory are- X-Ray machine, U-V visible spectrophotometer, Blood Gas Analyzer, Blood Cell Analyzer.

X-Ray machine is doing its usual job of visualizing the internal parts of the human-body. The U-V visible spectrophotometer is used for both blood test and Drag testing purpose. Blood gas analyzer is used to analyze the gas dissolved in the blood cell. And Finally Blood Cell Analyzer is used to analyze WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT. Now no experiment is done in this laboratory.

Courses Conducted : This lab is used only for research purpose.

Bio-Medical Laboratory

Bio-Medical Laboratory

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