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Fuel Testing Laboratory

Lab-in-charge : Dr. M Arif Hasan Mamun

Location : 4th floor, EME Building.

Description : Fuel Testing lab offers undergraduate sessional courses in the field of Basic thermodynamics.Course offered by the lab for the students of level - 2 term - 1.

There are several experimental setup for measuring the calorific value of fuel (by Bomb Calorimeter, Gas Calorimeter ), measuring the carbon residue in the fuel, measurement of flash point and fire point of an oil, determination of viscosity of an oil, calibration of pressure gage and thermocouples, determination of ash content,moisture content in fuel etc.

While performing the experiment in this lab students are able to know the procedure of determination various thermodynamic properties.

Courses Conducted : This lab is used in -

  • ME 202: Basic Thermodynamics Sessional
  • ME 264: Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Sessional
  • ME 266: Thermal Engineering and Heat transfer Sessional
Fuel Testing Lab

Fuel Testing Lab
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