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Heat Engine Laboratory

Lab-in-charge : Dr. Md. Ehsan

Location : Ground Floor, Old Academic Building (OAB).

Description : Heat engine lab conduct courses and research in internal combustion engines and power plant engineering. It provides facilities for undergraduate teaching, final year projects and research work leading to postgraduate degrees.

This lab provides several cutaway setups of different types of engines which facilitate the study of engine basics. Students can dismantle the engines as well as the components to get a comprehensive knowledge about different systems and subsystems of the engine. It facilitates with several standard dynamometer setup for the measurement of engine performance and exhaust emissions. A historic Ruston Diesel engine and a Grey marine engine can attract the young enthusiasts. The laboratory is equipped with a Natural gas supply line, used for various experimentation.

A fully functional cut-way section of an automobile in the lab gives a detailed access of understanding how a vehicle works. Additional sections of automatic transmission and vehicle drive train are available. This lab also houses experimental setups of a fully functional gas turbine and a cut-section model of a real Jet engine unit which help students to study the basics of power plant engineering.

It also serves the needs of the industries through consultancy services. Examples of consultancy services are performance test of engines, vehicles etc. Availability of various equipments and technical support provided by the laboratory staff members greatly assist the postgraduate research work.

Courses Conducted : This lab is used in -

Beside this undergraduate projects and research works leading to postgraduate degrees are also conducted here.
Performance test of SI engine

Study of gas turbine

A cutaway SI engine and automobile model

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