"Jantrakoushal Shangshod" or "Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA)",  is the official student-teacher forum of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET). All the current and previous students and the faculty members of the department are general members of the association.

We believe that in addition to formal technical education - development of personality, practice of  self expression, leadership and organizational skills and socio-cultural sensitivity can play a big role in producing good responsible engineers. Mechanical Engineering Association is working with this goal. The association arranges occasions and activities, which make such practices possible. These activities also allow to enhance good relationship  between - the students themselves, the teachers and the students and with the alumni as well.

Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) has a history of over 40 years. It was named as "Jantrakoushal Shangshod" in the year 1986.

The monogram of MEA comprises 4 small gears and one large gear. The four small gears indicate the 4 current batches studying in BUET. These four gears combindly run the bigger gear, which is the BUET itself.

According to the present constitution, each and every student of Mechanical Engineering Department is the member of the MEA. Two students from each section of each class represent the student body of the association. Other than the departmental Head, a teacher-in-charge or moderator controls the committee.

The full administration structure can be found here.

Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) organizes various types of programs, some have academic purpose and some have cultural. Especially mentionable programs are - The most exciting program, which is arranged in BUET is Mechanical Engineers' Festival, popularly known as the ME Day. Itís a whole day program comprising of several parts. In the year 1990, the first whole day "Mechanical Engineers' Festival" was arranged. The festival begins with a talk show, where the prospect of Mechanical Engineers in the practical life is discussed. Teachers of our University, High officials and executive from several companies and students take part in the talk show. Again, the drama and the evening cultural show is the most adorable part of this program.

The MEA publishes a yearly souvenir named "OJANTRIK" each year usually on the occassion of ME Day. "OJANTRIK" was first published in the year 1990. It was a regular publication at that time. After a couple of years, the publication was stopped. It again started to publish from the year 2005. It is the official spokes-media of "Mechanical Engineering Association". Teachers and students of the department publishes their thoughts through this souvenir.

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