According to the present constitution, each and every student of Mechanical Engineering Department is the member of the MEA. Two students from each section of each level are elected as class representatives. All the class representatives are members of the executive committee of the association. The head of the department is the highest authority of the association. He presides the executive committee and a ' teacher-in-charge' or moderator coordinates the activities of the association. Various sub-committees are formed for organizing different programs where the students of the department work in close guidance of the teachers.

The core of the MEA is basically the students of Mechanical Engineering department. The faculty of the department also play an active role in the activities of the association as general members. Being a part of the department is also being a part of this association.

Four students representatives, two from each section of every level, are elected by the students as members of the executive committee of MEA. Student representatives for the executive committee are generally elected for a term of one year (one level). The head of the Department is always the president of the association and the 'Teacher-in-charge', a selected faculty member acts as the coordinator of of the association.

The current administration team of the 'Jantrokoushal Shongshod' or MEA is listed as below :

Teacher in charge, MEA, BUET

Dr. Md. Ehsan
Mechanical Engineering Department
» Association Representatives of MEA :

Sanjeeb Bhattacharjee
Std. No.: 1310097
Sec: B


Alif Muhammad Shafiyee
Std. No.: blank
Sec: B

Dilshad Digonta
Std. No.: blank
Sec: C


Auntara Madhuri Tithi
Std. No.: 1510131
Sec: C

Maliha Dilnowshin
Std. No.: 1510013
Sec: A

mehady hassan
Std. No.: 1510026
Sec: A

Shailee Mitra
Std. No.: 1510079
Sec: B

Tasfin Ahmed
Std. No.: 1510082
Sec: B

Fahmid Hassan Dipta
Std. No.: 1510135
Sec: C


Saad Al Razee
Std. No.: 1710029
Sec: A

Nudrat Nawal
Std. No.:1710047
Sec: A

Kamrul Hasan Rafi
Std. No.:1710080
Sec: B

Naznin Nahar Nitu
Std. No.: 201710105
Sec: B

Muhtadi Ahnaf Ansari
Std. No.: 1710170
Sec: C

Shafi Shahriar
Std. No.: 1710129
Sec: C