'Mechanical Festival 2011' the yearly day-long event organized by MEA will be held on 16th july to 19th july 2018 at the central auditorium complex of BUET. The MEA magazine 'Ojantrik' will be published in greater dimension this year.  The session includes seminar, informal games, movie and cultural show. Inter-level football competition of the students is expected to be an enthusiastic event in this year's festival.

The new executive body of Mechanical Engineering Association was formed in April 2017. New class representatives were elected from the five current batches, two from each section. The new head of the department Prof. M Mahbubul Alam met the 24 new member of the class representative body in a meeting later on. Generally the class representatives are elected for one academic level.

The fresher's reception new students of Level-1, Term-1 (Batch17), named as 'Nobeen Boron' was arranged by "Jantrokoushol Sangshad' (MEA) on 25 April 2018 at the auditorium. The aim of the program was to welcome the new students and get them informed regarding the activities of MEA. The program was addressed by - Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mahbubul Alam, Prof. D. K. Das, Prof. Maglub Al Nur and Prof. Md. Ehsan. The discussion was followed by a cultural program arranged by the students of the department. The new students participated in the program enthusiastically.