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Faculty & It's People
• Faculty Introduction:

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is diverse in educational background, professional experience, and interests. The faculty is committed to teaching, research and public service. A number of faculty members hold doctoral degrees in a variety of related fields. The faculty is enriched each year by new regular faculty appointees as well as return of faculty after completing higher education and research abroad. This infusion of new teaching and scholarly talents adds freshness and vitality to the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

head of department
       Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering. This is the country’s largest and oldest institute to offer students the opportunity to pursue high quality education in Mechanical Engineering.

Throughout the study programs, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedures for analysis and design, and on the responsible use of technology. The undergraduate program prepares the student for a career in engineering, with an emphasis on the technical areas of fluid and thermal energy systems and the conversion of thermal energy to other forms of energy, mechanical systems and machines, and design and control of these systems. The graduate program emphasizesing emerging areas such as biomechanical engineering, mechatronics, emissions reduction technology, nanotechnology, interfacial phenomena, and sustainable energy. The department maintains 17 modern laboratories for undergraduate instructions and graduate research works.

The department is the home to more than 900 undergraduate students, 150 graduate students and 40 faculty members. We offer B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Engineering, and Ph.D. programs. The majority of our students experience excellent employment opportunities following graduation. We have many alumni who have gone on to change the world in amazing ways.

Dr. Md. Afsar Ali

The current faculty members are listed below according to their designation:
Name Email Field of Interest
Dr. Md. Afsar Ali

Composite Materials

Functionally Graded Materials(FGMs)

Fracture Mechanics

Blood Group of Faculty Members

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