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Research & Consultancy » M. Sc. Research Works » List of 2008
Thesis Title Time Period Name of the Supervisor Name of the Student
An experimental investigation of wind load on tall buildings with square cross-section having rounded facet January 2008 Dr. Amalesh Chandra Mandal Nripendranath Biswas
Sesame oil as an alternative fuel for diesel engines in Bangladesh January 2008 Dr. Md. Zahurul Haq A. K. M. Monjur Morshed
Evaluation of wind characteristics and feasibility of wind energy in the coastal areas of Bangladesh February 2008 Dr. Md. Quamrul Islam A. N. M. Mominul Islam Mukut
Study of a Stirling-Generator using alternative fuels April 2008 Dr. Md. Ehsan Md. Shahzada Chowdhury
Aerodynamic characteristics of vertical axis vane type wind turbine April 2008 Dr. Md. Quamrul Islam Faizul Mohammad Kamal
Performance study of a pulsated two-phase loop thermosyphon May 2008 Dr. Md. Ashraful Islam Md. Ashiqur Rahman
An experimental study of heat transfer in turbulent flow through a tube with perforated rectangular strip insert June 2008 Dr. M. A. Rashid Sarkar Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Bhuiya
Maximum heat flux and wetting delay during quenching of high temperature carbon steel block July 2008 Dr. Aloke Kumar Mojumder Mousumi Ahmed
Experimental study of flow characteristics in the near field of a thermally stratified co-axial free jet July 2008

Dr. M. A. Taher Ali

Mohammad Nasim Hasan
Simulation of MEMS heat exchanger with various working fluids July 2008 Dr. Maglub Al Nur Nusrat Jahan Chhanda
Nonlinear analysis of shape memory alloy columns having variable cross-sections August 2008 Dr. Muhammad Ashiqur Rahman Mohammad Al-Amin Khan Chowdhuri
Study of a two-phase loop thermosyphon September 2008 Dr. Chowdhury Md. Feroz Swapan Kumar Sarker
Contact stresses in conical rollers under normal and tangential loads November 2008 Dr. Abu Rayhan Md. Ali Mohammad Wasim Akram
Heat transfer characteristics of a micro heat pipe December 2008 Dr. Chowdhuy Md. Feroz Rifat Afshana Hossain
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