Turbulence Laboratory

Dr. Mohammad Mamun
Turbulence Laboratory

Turbulence laboratory conduct research in Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Computational Fluid Mechanics. The research activities include a mix of basic, applied and developmental research. Basic research is carried out both in furtherance of the personal research interests of the staff and in support of ongoing applied and developmental research. The Turbulence Laboratory is one of the largest laboratories in the department of mechanical engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. It provides facilities for graduate study and for research work leading to Ph. D. degree.

In mixing layer wind tunnel, turbulent mixing layers from two fluid streams are produced by varying the merging angle between the two streams. Turbulent statistics of the flow are measured using constant temperature hot-wire anemometer and related softwares with 12 bit data acquisition panel.

It also houses fully functional closed loop wind tunnel, swirling flow wind tunnel, convection heat transfer wind tunnel with variable speed drives.

In forced convection heat transfer duct, flow characteristics can be investigated with in square duct.


Courses Conducted :

  • Project and research works in postgraduate level.