Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a 4 year Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program for prospective undergraduate students. This curriculum is offered for students seeking a broad and deep knowledge of the theory, design, and applications. In parallel to the theory courses, students attend laboratory sessional classes, industrial visits and training programmes.

Courses Offered

In the curriculum for the undergraduate programme, besides the professional courses pertaining to Mechanical Engineering, there is a strong emphasis on acquiring a thorough knowledge in the basic sciences of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Due importance is also given for the study of several subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences which, it is expected will help the student to interact more positively with the society in which he lives. Thus, the course contents of the undergraduate programs provide a harmonious blend of basic sciences and their engineering applications as well as their social relevance.


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The first two years are spent on basic work in mathematics and physics, and an introduction to the fundamental areas of Mechanical Engineering. The last two years completes the development of knowledge in most of the major branches of Mechanical Engineering and related topics. The third and subsequent terms build directly on the knowledge of the basic subjects gained in the first two terms and go on to develop competence in specific disciplines. In the final year, the students get the opportunity to choose some optional specialized courses and carryout a comprehensive project and thesis work. The Project and Thesis work provides an opportunity to develop initiative, self-reliance, creative ability and engineering judgement.

More detail and specific information on the courses that are offered can be obtained from the following »

Undergraduate Booklet (Old Syllabus)
Undergraduate Booklet (New Syllabus)

Degree Requirements

At least 161.0 credit hours must be earned to be eligible for graduation, and this must include the specified core courses. The minimum CGPA requirement for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in engineering is 2.20. Details of the related information are available in the undergraduate booklet.

Advising & Academic Support

For promotion of a high level of teacher-student interaction, each student is assigned to an Adviser and the student is free to discuss all academic and related matters with his/her adviser. BUET encourages a good teacher-student relation which improves the overall academic atmosphere.

Scholarships & Awards

In BUET, students get several scholarships and awards according to their merit and result. Different categories of scholarships are available. Specifically, Dr. V. G. Desa Gold Medal for outstanding Mechanical Engineering Graduates was introduced in 1994. The medal is presented to the student who secures first position during the graduating years and whose CGPA is more than 3.75.
More detail information on scholarships/awards, you may visit the BUET main » Scholarships Page.