Champion in the National Round of SOFE 2022 Competition

Intesar Jawad, a 3rd-year student of ME, BUET, has become the Champion in the National round of the SOFE 2022 competition organized by IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers). 

Team Interplanetar

Team Interplanetar obtained 8th Position globally (out of 64 teams) in the European Rover Challenge 2022 (ERC, 2022), which was held in Poland this September, 1st in Bangladesh (out of 8 teams) and South Asia, and 1st in Asia (excluding Turkey as it is both in Asia and Europe; one Turkish team was ranked ahead). 8 out of 9 members of this team are from ME, BUET.

Champion of Southern Asian Region of SOFE 2021 Competition

Rafia Rizwana Rahim, a 4th-year student of ME, BUET, was the Champion in the Southern Asian Region of SOFE 2021 competition organized by IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers). Before that, she was the National Champion in Bangladesh and thus represented Bangladesh in the Southern Asian Region.

National Stem Competition

With the help of flow sensors and other setups, the water level monitoring unit can produce results on daily water usage and flow, which will eventually lead to making the water billing system accurate, ensuring liability for unnecessary water usage. Aqua Monitor is a financially stable project that introduces social value to attaining SDG goal 6. We want to ensure complete transparency and interoperability by converting our billing system to a more accurate one. A proper water billing system can be designed using this system, which can make a fair deal. Furthermore, all data can be found using customer IDs from websites and mobile applications, making it customer-friendly. We will target these people who are taking the service of WASA, which is about 15 million people.

Credit Based Vending Machine

The primary purpose of this project was to create a vending machine that could sell snacks and items to people on credit, and quickly. It is often difficult to purchase food between classes when someone feels hungry. Going to the cafeteria would waste a lot of time on a busy day. Hence, we have come up with a solution that would allow anyone to use their student ID card as a credit card to purchase items while maintaining records on a server. It won the project showcasing segment of Esonance 2019 at IUT.