Connecting All Buet ME-Graduates

Mechanical Engineering Alumni of BUET are recognized for their services all over the world. There are around six thousand alumni receiving undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from this department since 1947. The communication among the alumni with BUET could be helpful for the overall development of the engineering community and the engineering education as well.

Our Mission

The mission of the ME Alumni Community of BUET is to support activities among the alumni and the current students and faculties of the university. It can act as a catalyst to foster lifelong connections within the global "ME of BUET" community. Such collective approach may develop leadership, voluntary commitment and moral support to the university and the society as well.


All ME Alumni of BUET can be lifetime members of the ME Alumni Community of BUET.


We want to keep you connected with other graduates from mechanical engineering department of BUET. Development of such collective approaches are in progress in the department.