Ph.D. Research Works

Ph. D. Research Works

Department of Mechanical Engineering has been awarding postgraduate degrees for more than four decades. Currently, 27 qualified faculty members in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are conducting postgraduate studies and research in many branches of mechanical engineering. The Ph.D. research works conducted in this department so far are listed in the table shown below. Besides these, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is conducting several other research projects as well.

Supervisor Name

Title of the Thesis

Student Name


Dr. Mossarof Hossain Khan

The initial region of a plane turbulent mixing


Gazi Md Khalil


Dr. Ir Ch hirsch

Aerodynamics and design analysis of vertical-axis

darrieus turbines

Amalesh Chandra Mandal


Dr. Md. Wahhaj Uddin

Instability of composite shells of revolution


Md. Raisuddin Khan


Dr. Sadrul islam

Turbulent mixing of two non parallel streams


MD. Abdul Azim


Dr. M. A. Taher Ali

Experimental Study of the flow in circular

swirling jets

Md. Mosharrof Hossain


Dr. Dipok Kanti Das

Life cycle impact assessment of alternative boat

building material in bangladesh

Abdur Rahim


Dr. M. A. Taher Ali

Enhancement of forced convection heat transfer in ribbed roughened square ducts

Md. Morad Hossain Mollah


Dr. Md. Maksud Helali

Experimental investigation of the effect of vibration on friction between solids

Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury


Dr. Md. Maksud Helali

Effect of sonic vibration on vapour deposited coating

Syed Md. Ihsanul Karim


Dr. Md. Afsar Ali

Displacement potential approach to soltion of

elasticity problems of orthotropic composite structures

Sankar Kumar Deb Nath


Dr. Md. Maksud Helali

Effect of Vibration on the Twisting Rate of Ring

Spinning for the Production of Yarn

Hosne Ara Begum


Dr. Mohammad Mamun

Investigation of the effect of NACA 4416 Aerofoil

shaped fuselage on the performance of an unmanned air vehicle

G M Jahanger Alam


Dr. Md. Abdul Hakim Khan

Analytical investigation for the solar heat driven

cooling heating system for the climatic condition of dhaka

Rifat Ara Rouf


Dr. Md. Afsar Ali

Evaluation of dye treated jute textile reinforced

polypropylene composites

Sharfun Nahar Arju


Dr. Mohammad Ali

Thermal performance of a closed loop pulsating

heat pipe with fin and wire insert

Md Lutfor Rahman


Dr. Abu Rayhan Md. Ali

Analysis of yarn tension generated during

circular weft knitting in case of positive storage feeding

A K M Mobarok Hossain


Dr. Mohammad Ali

Improvement of mechanical and functional properties

of cotton fabric treated with nanoparticles

Imana Shahrin Tania