Testing & Consultancy : BRTC

BRTC stands for Bureau of Research, Testing and Consultation - A central body of BUET which is responsible for organizing such technical service of BUET for clients. Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for all such activities which are related to Mechanical Engineering.
For about three decades Department of Mechanical Engineering is providing testing services for a number of items, regarding their - quality, performance and characteristics. Test reports from the Department are widely accepted at both National and International level. The Department also provides Technical Consultation service to clients, as per their requirement through BRTC. Such activities also bridges the relation between the University and the local industry, which is important for technical development as a whole.
A comprehensive booklet on the testing and consultancy services provided by the department, is given here. For Testing and Consultation costs please contact the department of Mechanical Engineering, BUET.

Telephone : +880-2-9665636.