Fluid Mechanics and Machineries Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics and Machineries Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics lab and Fluid Mechanics extension lab conduct courses and research in Aerodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery. It provides facilities for undergraduate teaching, final year projects and for research work leading to postgraduate degrees.

This lab consists of several experimental setups for verifying the basic laws of fluid mechanics and some flow measuring devices. It also has two wind tunnels. This tunnel together with its auxiliary equipment is ideal for studies of flow around objects, aerofoils and model studies of wind turbines. It may also be used to do basic studies on the structure of wake-flows and turbulent boundary layers.

This lab houses experimental setups of a pelton wheel and a kaplan turbine which facilitate the study and performance test of turbines. Experimental setups for several pumps also serve the same.

It also serves the needs of the industries through consultancy services.Examples of consultant services include testing of centrifugal pump, submersible pump, turbine pump, fan performance and so on.It houses a large pump testing rig to serve these purposes.

The availability of these equipment and technical support accorded by the laboratory staff members greatly facilitate the research work and potential of the Fluid Mechanics Division.

Courses Conducted : This lab is used in -

Beside this undergraduate projects and research works leading to postgraduate degrees are also conducted here.

[* offered to the students of other departments.]